The Burning of Los Angeles

Pictures and video of Tod’s vision

Mob riots and fiery eruptions in Hollywood

“The Burning of Los Angeles” mentioned in the The Day of the Locust and other novels

Brad A. Greenberg blogs about The Day of the Locust his experience with Los Angeles “burning”

Blog post about cars and homes getting set on fire in Los Angeles

Article about California burning in October 2007 and some history about Nathanael West

Book of poems on “The Burning of Los Angeles”

Steve Sailer talks about LA’s Apocalypse theme featured in several works, including The Day of the Locust

Lynell George talks bout LA burning as a theme, and the “Hollywood Apocalypse!” painting which exhibits 20 interpretations of “The Burning of Los Angeles”

Lyrics to “Los Angeles Is Burning” song by BAD RELIGION

David Page talks about his experience with the Station Fire, and provides a video and classic writings on LA burning.